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Did you know that Robots love to eat stars? I bet you didn't but now you know. That is exactly what your mission is in the cool Bubble Jumper game. Bubble Jumper is a physics based, jumping and flying game for you to try and beat. The only thing the robot wants to do is eat as many stars as he can. The trouble is that the stars are attached to a bunch of giant, floating bubbles. You need to jump and fly from bubble to bubble and collect as many stars as you can. But be careful because some of the bubbles will damage or repel the robot. There are also bombs so watch out for those too.


Use the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to move left and right when you are on a bubble. Hold the Up Arrow or W key to increase your jumping power. Release the Up Arrow or W key when you are ready to jump to the next bubble.
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