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Simpsons Home Game

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Explore the Simpsons family home and see them in this interactive game....

Game Instructions:

This is an interactive flash game giving you an opportunity to explore the home of the Simpsons and meet all the members of the family. This game also has many hidden surprises in store for you. Just Left Click on anything to interact with it.

The main attractions of this game are:

- Television in the living room.
- Tuned virtual piano in the family room.
- Longer soundboard in Homer/Marges bedroom.
- Telephone in the living room.
- Characters and pets around the house, some interactive.
- Refrigerator in the kitchen.
- Window without curtains in the kitchen.
- The D'oh song in Homer/Marges bedroom.
- Garage outside the house.

There are lots of other interactive items in the game which you have to find out yourself by clicking on different things. Enjoy the game!

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