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Houdini In Temple Game

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Guide Houdini, the worlds greatest escape artist, to escape from a hidden Aztec temple avoiding all the threats....

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The World Tour of the world renowned artist Harry Houdini began in Mexico City, but some brightly clad assailants kidnapped Harry and his assistant Margaret from the city streets. He awoke on the sacrificial altar of an Aztec temple. He must escape the hidden temple before Margaret falls to a similar fate, confronting all the fiendish traps, deadly scorpions and blood thirsty guards.

To begin with, help Harry break the chains binding him and enter the temple's courtyards. To free Houdini from the chains you simply need to press the arrow keys in the following order: Left > Up > Right > Down, This will make one chain to fall so just repeat the same combo twice again to break all three.


Move Left: Left Arrow Key
Move Right: Right Arrow Key
Jump/Climb Up/Enter a Room: Up Arrow Key
Crouch/Climb Down/Dodge: Down Arrow Key
Pull Lever/Open Door/Pick Locks/Punch: Space Bar

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