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Brash Benson

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A retro-styled action puzzle-platformer. Can you handle 3 genres rolled into one?
If you've enjoyed platform games before, then hopefully this will provide an interesting twist. Brash Benson features your standard find-the-key-get-to-the-door concept, only you have to go about doing it in a rather unique way. You have the ability to create and destroy boxes at will! Use these boxes to your advantage by jumping on them as platforms, breaking them with your head mario-style to uncover hidden items or send unsuspecting enemies falling to their doom.
Brash Benson features 20 levels of puzzly action, and they are all currently unlocked for your enjoyment. You can earn medals by beating scores on each level, including bronze, silver, and gold.
Move - Left Right ARROW keys,
Jump - Up ARROW key,
Destroy/Make Boxes! - SHIFT (Down + SHIFT for making boxes below you),
Shoot Fireballs - Z key (if you have them).
Get the key and open the door!

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